We now have Air Brushing Make Up – Brilliant

Hi all,

I went and did Air Brushing Make Up course couple of weeks ago and I have to say i’m pretty impressed with it. It gives you a very beautiful flawless finish that is sweat resistent which is perfect for weddings. My cousin, Karla who was my model is also a beauty therapist/make up artist in the Maleny areas was my best critical model.

Her comment was: Nic, I love it! I can’t wait to do my air brush course. The make up was so flawless and it stayed on. It was a very hot day that day especially in Brisbane with the humidity and my make up did not budge. I then went had a shower late that night  stood under the water then got out and had a look in the mirror. The foundation stayed on, it did not run off. perfect for weddings!!

Client Comments

Client 1: I cleaned the house, watered the garden and it still looked perfect. Then I went and stood under the shower and you’re right! The make up stayed on!! I then had to remove it off with face cleanser. I’m very impressed with how it stayed on.

For those who are getting married come and book in for a trial for this amazing Air Brush make Up and i’ll let you be the judge of it.


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